Saturday, February 5, 2011

Treating Endometriosis - Alternative

Herbal therapy has proven to be very beneficial in treating endometriosis, when surgery or emergency intervention is not indicated. It does not always completely cure endometriosis, however, given the nature of the disease, and should always be coupled with sound nutritional and spiritual support. It is not a fast-acting therapy, and should be continued for a length of time for maximum benefit.

The diet should be changed to one that is as natural as possible. Animal fats also absorb dioxins, so do your best to avoid fatty meats. Try to use red meats only once or twice per week, if at all, using lean fish and chicken as replacements. Eat plenty of fresh greens and whole grains, as well as soy and other beans, especially bean sprouts. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, fried foods, refined sugars, and processed foods. 

Nutritional daily supplements should include bee products, vitamins E, C, A, and D, (if you can't seem to get enough of these in a natural diet), bioflavanoids, flaxseed oil, and evening primrose oil. It is often helpful to begin the herbal treatment with a light fast of about three days or so, to help cleanse the body and support the liver during treatment. The liver deals with the excess estrogen that is believed to be a cause or major contributing factor to this disease, so the liver needs to be supported and cleansed regularly during treatment.

Herbal therapy is usually recommended as a two part treatment. This is to accommodate the differences of hormone levels and other factors within the female body during a normal menstrual cycle. It is normal to stay on this herbal treatment for a minimum of three months, and continuing up to one year or more, depending on how long the problem has existed.

From the first day after the end of your moon time to the last day of the second week afterwards, you should take the following combination every day:

4 capsules vitex
2 capsules blue cohosh
2 capsules milk thistle
2 capsules wild yam root
2 capsules dandelion root
2 capsules pau d'arco

From the second week to the end of your moon time, you should take the following combination every day:

2 capsules vitex
4 capsules cramp bark
4 capsules yarrow
2 capsules skullcap
1 capsule pau d'arco
1 capsule dong quai

Bear in mind that the above is a GENERAL suggestion only, for maximum effectiveness you should have a regimen that is matched to your specific individual body and its needs. Seek the guidance of a trained certified professional if you do not have the training yourself to do this.
You should also get daily exercise, beginning with mild exercise, depending upon your level of pain, and working your way up to more strenuous stretching exercises. 

Many women find external applications of very warm castor oil fomentations several times per week over the pelvic area to be highly beneficial. Relaxation, visualization, and meditation exercises are also recommended, along with relaxing warm baths that include lavendar oil.
Herbal therapies can help greatly reduce the pain and discomfort that accompany endometriosis, although there are no guarantees. 


  1. Hi dr. Im having irregular period which my cycle is long. My menses heavy flow around 5 days and spotting with chocolate stains took almost more that 10 days. What should i do?